Micronized Powder Sulphur

Micronized Powder Sulphur

The product formed by reducing standard granular sulfur particles to 1/20 to 1/100 of a millimeter by passing them through a thinning machine without adding any additional substances is called micronized powder sulfur. The coating area of powder sulfur, whose particle sizes become very small, also expands.
Powder Sulphur; Since it does not contain particles, it can be used as a curing agent in rubber production, and it is also easier to incorporate into liquid form products. It is one of the rare elements that can be used in many branches of industry.

In general, the preferences of the industries are as follows;

88 – 125 µ (170 – 120 mesh) Metal Industry
44 – 88 µ (325 – 170 mesh) Rubber and Liquid ingredients
10 – 44 µ (1250 – 325 mesh) Cosmetics and medicine

As LION sulfur, we have production in 3 products:

​LS 3501 : 10 µ - 45 µ Elementel Mikronize Toz Kükürt (d50=35µ)
LS 3502: 10 µ - 90 µ Elementel Mikronize Toz Kükürt (d50=65µ)
LS 3503: 50µ - 150µ Elementel Mikronize Toz Kükürt (d50=100µ)