What is Liquid Sulfur and Its Benefits

What is Liquid Sulfur and Its Benefits

Elemental sulfur product with an average total sulfur (S) content of 80%, corresponding to 200% as a source of SO3, i.e. sulfur dioxide, is called liquid sulfur. Liquid sulfur, which is the pure and micronized form of the sulfur element found in nature, is of great benefit to our farmers in suitable agricultural lands. During agricultural production, the liquid sulfur product used for soil improvement is prepared in S content, not in SO3 form, contrary to popular belief. Thus, it can be beneficial for lowering the pH level of the soil, removing salinity and lime.


Since the liquid sulfur substance, which helps to prepare the soil in agricultural production, does not harm the greenhouse cover, it can be preferred both in field production and greenhouse cultivation. The benefits of liquid sulfur, the amount of use of which differs according to the soil pH level and structure, are listed as follows:

  • It increases the frost resistance of plants.
  • In places where the day-night temperature difference is high, the plants are less affected by this difference.
  • It offers the advantage of being used both before and during planting. It can also be applied in all developmental stages. It can also be applied in all developmental stages.
  • It is effective against fungi that occur on the roots and leaves.
  • It helps to adjust the pH value of the soil.
  • Liquid sulfur, which is one of the rare products that can be used in the organic farming process, also makes soil improvement possible in organic production.
  • It reduces the lime and salinity of the soil in a short time.
  • It supports the maturation of crops in a shorter time.
  • It facilitates the uptake of trace elements in the soil by crops. (Nutritional elements such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and substances such as iron, cobalt, manganese and zinc are absorbed.)
  • It keeps many pests away from crops.
  • It provides support for vitamins H and B1.
  • Since liquid sulfur is in elemental form, it is four times more effective than sulfur forms such as sulfate
  • Since sulfur is the building block for synthesizing amino acids, coenzymes, enzymes and proteins, plants develop healthily thanks to the sulfur support.
  • Providing the necessary energy for photosynthesis and respiration is possible with sulfur support.

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